Story Pirates

Story Pirates is a nationally respected education and media organization celebrating the words and ideas of young people.  Story Pirates turn kids original stories into wild sketch comedy musicals featuring professional actors showing those kids just how amazing their ideas are.  From its permanent branches in Los Angeles and New York, Story Pirates has reached over 200,000 kids since 2005, performing in over 350 venues, including two Presidential Inaugurations all the while receiving over 100,000 kid’s stories.

Ages K-5


Greatest Hits Show

A sketch comedy musical based in some of our favorite stories written by kids from around the country, plus a segment that’s entirely improvised according to suggestions from kids in the audience!

New Story Show

Part Greatest Hits Show with an added twist: this show features brand new stories written by young authors who are in the audience! We collect their stories in advance and build them into fully produced sketches and musical numbers

Stuck in the Stone Age

Kids get to contribute their own ideas in the Story Pirates’ newest interactive comedy, in which Tom Edison (no relation to that Thomas Edison) and Dr. Marissa Morice return home from a wild adventure in the Stone Age only to discover their time machine has made an unexpected detour.

The thing about time travel is that you never know when you’re going to end up. Sometimes you end up in prehistoric times, like in the new Story Pirates book STUCK IN THE STONE AGE, where two scientists accidentally transport themselves back in time to the age of cavemen and saber-tooth tigers. And sometimes you end up on a stage in front of a huge audience that’s expecting a show, but you’re just a scientist, not an actor, and oh gosh this actually sounds truly terrifying.

A loud zap, a flash of light, and Tom and Marissa appear on stage, reeling from having their bodies flattened into a sheet one atom thick, twisted around itself half a million times, and then put back together exactly as they were before (that’s time travel for you). They soon learn that to fix their machine and return to their own time (annoyingly, only six months in the future, but hey a lot can happen in six months), they will need the help and creativity of kids in the audience. Throughout the show, audiences learn about the building blocks of a good story, including how to create their own characters and how to give those characters an interesting problem to solve.

With STUCK IN THE STONE AGE, the Story Pirates bring the adventures of Tom and Marissa to life, while simultaneously proving that every kid has a story to tell.


Story Pirates Tech Rider

Jon Stewart

“This is real. You know, these are real kids writing real stories and getting great joy out of it.”