Pre-recorded: Manxmouse

Based on the novel Manxmouse from Paul Gallico

Imagine that you were a Manxmouse. A mouse without a tail, with huge ears and you aren’t grey, no, you are blue! Who will eat you? Who will chase you? The dog wouldn’t, the cat wouldn’t and the fox would certainly not! You are meant for the Manx Cat, that’s what all the animals say. That’s your Destiny, there’s nothing you can do about that! So Manxmouse goes and seeks for his doom. Eventually, he runs into him on the Isle of Man.

Good afternoon Manxmouse, says Manx Cat.
I have been awaiting you for years.
I hired the stadium to carry out the Doom.
But, perhaps you want a cup of tea first?

Manxmouse is an adventurous play about a brave mouse. He may have failed as a mouse, but nevertheless, he succeeds very well at being Manxmouse!

Manxmouse is a play with many puppets, animation and music.

Created By:

Text: Paul Gallico
Direction: Josee Hussaarts
Play: Ferdi Janssen, Siem van Leeuwen, Steven Stavast and Hans Thissen
Decor and Costumes Design: Barbara Kroon
Puppets: Siem van Leeuwen
Light Design:Henk van der Geest
Technique: Jesse Knoop and Hanno Siegers

Suggested for grades K-4 and Family Programming
Estimated run time: 60 minutes

Photo Credit: Laura Luca



‘Really, you have to see this Theatergroep Kwatta show to appreciate not just the wit and invention of the staging, but also the integrity of purpose that binds the mischief, mayhem and role playing of the all-male cast into the core themes of Paul Gallico’s story.’                       (Herald Tribune, 5*****, May 2014)

‘Theatre company Kwatta worked up an almost forgotten book into a playful show for kids. With little voices, songs and jokes, they found a form of toy theatre. Kwatta does it swinging and flexible.’
(De Volkskrant, 4 ****, November 2012)

‘One really falls in love with the blue mouse without a tail.’
(, 4 ****, October 2012)