Bill Blagg

To say that Bill Blagg has had a magical life would be no exaggeration.  He received his first professional magic book from his great-grandfather, which eventually led to building magic props with his dad.  These early beginnings paved the way for what is now known as The Magic of Bill Blagg.

Today, Bill is one of the nation’s top touring illusionists. His theatrical brand of magic thrills thousands of people every single year.  Bill’s live performances leave people in complete disbelief as he creates the impossible in a way only he can do.

Bill prides himself in performing new, never-before-seen illusions such as the world’s only rideable hoverboard.  He is also known for instantly teleporting across theaters, squishing his body from 6 feet to 6 inches tall, passing through the blades of an industrial fan, and much more!

Bill is constantly reinventing his performances with new magic & illusions to continue to thrill both new and repeat audiences.  In addition to his full-scale show Bill also created an unbelievable educational experience The Science of Magic.  Bill takes students on a rare behind-the-scenes journey to learn how magicians use science to create magic!

With an attitude aimed to please and a talent as large as they come, Bill’s future in magic is limitless as he continues to change reality one city at a time! He looks forward to sharing his blend of magic, personality and performance with you!

Magic of Bill Blagg LIVE – Feature & Family Programming
Science of Magic – Grades 2-7



  • Feature and Family Programming
  • 90+ minutes (can be performed with or without an intermission)
  • 5 hour load in
  • 4 hands for the in/show call/out

“Unbelievable!” – USA Today

“A Side-Splitting Spectacular!” – Chicago Tribune

The MAGIC of BILL BLAGG LIVE! is an unbelievable theatrical magic experience that will have your patrons rubbing their eyes in disbelief!  Referred to as “Houdini Times Ten!” by NBC, Bill’s show is packed with NEW mind-blowing illusions and his trademark off-the-cuff personality that make his show a great feature performance!  From mind-blowing magic such as Bill instantly teleporting across your theatre to hilarious and engaging audience interaction, Bill’s show has it all!  Over 90 minutes of action-packed magic & illusion your patrons will love!

The Magic of Bill Blagg LIVE! is a TRUE theatrical GRAND-SCALE magic & illusion experience as opposed to just another “magic show.”  Bill’s self-contained production brings to your stage incredible stage sets, rock concert style lighting, digital music and mind-blowing magic your audience can see without a camera & screen!

He’s changing reality one city at a time and yours could be next!

MOBBL Live Tech Rider 17-18


  • Best for Grades 2 to 7
  • 60 minutes, no intermission
  • 2 hour load in/ 1 hour load out
  • 2 hands for in/show call/out
  • Curriculum connections: Scientific Method, mirrors/light reflection/refraction, trial and error, the value of failure, nature of solids, center of gravity, perspective, magnetism, theatre/drama, willing suspension of disbelief, problem solving

For centuries magicians have used scientific principles to make people levitate in mid-air and vanish in the blink of an eye. Illusionist Bill Blagg’s one-of-a-kind educational experience, The Science of Magic, takes students on a rare, never-before-seen journey “behind the scenes” of the magic world. Students will discover firsthand how magicians utilize the ever popular Scientific Method to create the impossible!

Bill’s action-packed presentation is highly interactive and will have students making the magic happen first hand by making one of their teachers levitate in mid-air! In addition, Bill will also perform some of his renowned grand-scale illusions such as his award winning Dancing Hank, Walking Thru Steel and much more! Students will watch in amazement as the Scientific Method creates magic right before their eyes!

The Science of Magic is not directed at teaching the specific methods magicians use to fool their audiences. Rather it’s designed to excite, educate, intrigue and promote students to think “outside the box” and spawn their curiosity about how the Scientific Method can be used to create the impossible!

SOM Tech Rider

The Grand Theater

Wausau, WI



“We had an absolute blast with The Magic of Bill Blagg Live. It was a presenters dream: a great show with a fantastic crowd, outstanding marketing materials, and an artist who was exceptional to work with from start to finish.  If you are looking for a show that will generate a great audience who leaves wanting to know how soon you can bring the artist back, look no further than The Magic of Bill Blagg Live.


Abilene Cultural Affairs Council

Abilene, TX

“One of our patrons told us that her family had attended a number of our shows and that her children took a vote on the way home and decided that Bill Blagg was their favorite CPAS show thus far!” Click here: Abilene Testimonial

North Shore Center

Skokie, IL


“The Magic of Bill Blagg Live! is a great show and our audiences loved it. After a successful performance two years ago, we brought Bill back for two performances this past season and more than doubled ticket sales! We had a great experience all around and look forward to having him back again soon.”