Starcatchers is a pioneering arts organisation based in Scotland specialising in performances and creativity for babies, toddlers and young children aged 0-5 and the adults who care for them.

Starcatchers work nurtures young children’s creative and cognitive development, sparking their imaginations through performances and engagement projects that are led by exceptional artists who understand the needs of this unique audience.

Starcatchers vision is delivered through three different strands of activity designed to connect with babies, toddlers, young children, parents and carers in communities across Scotland.

  • Producing and touring: Starcatchers make beautiful, innovative productions with exceptional artists who specialize in work for 0 – 5 year olds.
  • Community Engagment: Delivering engagement projects across Scotland placing artists directly into communities.
  • Professional development: Providing a programme of professional development opportunities for people who work with children looking to broaden their knowledge of the Early Years sector.
Ages 0 – 24 months


A quirky quartet of playful musicians create an enchanting classical music experience for 0 – 24 month olds and their grown ups. Discover two violins, one cello and one very mischievous raccoon.

Hup is created for babies, and has a relaxed and comfortable performance style with the chance to stay and play afterwards.

Hazel Darwin-Edwards and Abigail Sinar created Hup in association with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.  The co-creators worked in two childcare settings in Aberdeen, Scotland for six months, with babies aged 0-24 months.  Through this process they simultaneously developed a classical score and a new play for babies.

Run time: 45 minutes including 10 minutes of play

Suggested venue size: 50

Relaxed performances available for children with ASN

Hup Tour Pack (including technical information)

Fest Magazine 2016

“As the children look from one musician to another, you can almost see the sparks behind their eyes as synapses fuse in wonder.”

The Edinburgh Guide 2015



“Both transfixing and mesmerising, this relaxed and intimate delight of a performance is full of surprises geared right at tiny tots, but clever enough to draw in the adults in the room as it magically links nature and music.”

Fest Magazine 2016





For parents with small children, most music is reduced to tinny, high-pitched nursery rhymes embedded by Satan into toys to play on an eternal loop. So the original compositions here, all lilting chord progressions that invoke a bucolic serenity, is like the relief of a cool towel on a feverish brow. Hup does what the best kids shows do. It restores a sense of magic and wonder in the oldest, and introduces this vital gift to the very youngest. 

The Herald 2015


“A constant flow of intriguing activity and enticing music… Hup delivers a frolicsome adventure in friendship and sharing the joys (and bushy tails) of a raccoon with a larky sense of humour and a love of nature.”  

Claire Wynveen, Toronto 2016




“As the music swelled and the babies gazed with wonder, many a parent had a tear in their eye to share such an emotional moment with their child.  As we sat around on the floor – at baby level – listening to the cello, watching the awestruck babies, I felt so calm…I could feel a collective sigh of relief…and realization from the parents: “Oh wait, I’m actually enjoying this too.  I thought it was just for him/her.  But this moment is actually for me.”

Elephant and Piggie 002 - Photo by Teresa Wood