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Jabberbabble is a performance about four birds and one nest, written in a brand-new language equally inaccessible for everyone across the globe.

Some birds build a nest and always want to stay there. Other birds don’t rest and fly off again and again. In the summer they are here and in winter they are there. There are ne’er-do-wells, wanderers, fortune seekers, and wildlings. But what happens when birds of different feathers flock together? Can they communicate and understand one another? Do they think the other birds strange and try to push them out of the nest? Or, do they dream the same dreams and make room for each other?

Jabberbabble is for the whole family and, as it should be with birds, is entirely sung.

Created By:
Text: Jibbe Willems
Composer: Rogier Bosman
Director: Josee Hussaarts
Actors: Sarah Bannier, Rogier van Erkel, Lucas Schilperoort, Jochem Smit
Decor and costumes: Barbara Kroon
Light design: Henk van der Geest

Best for Grades 1 and up and Family Programming
Estimated run time: 60 minutes

Photo Credit: Laura Luca

Jabberbabble is never smug or pedantic, but its theme manages to crawl under your skin. Its fantasy language is a golden opportunity and Edzo Bos’ accompanying piano enriches this universal story.

★★★★★ – Leeuwarder Courant

With his libretto for Jabberbabble language virtuoso Jibber Willems doesn’t only search for the boundaries of our language area, he skillfully jumps over them. For his Jabber-language he shops in different European languages in an extremely creative way.

Golden Cricket (Gouden Krekel) Jury on Jibbe Willems