Theatergroep Kwatta

Theatergroep Kwatta

Based in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, Theatergroep Kwatta has been Gelderland’s professional youth theatre company since 2002. Under the artistic management of Josee Hussaarts, Kwatta creates theatre without limits and attracts a worldwide audience, from Amsterdam to Taiwan to the United States.

By asking simple questions about difficult issues and difficult questions about things that appear to be simple, Kwatta tilts reality to create a different perspective. Kwatta encourages its young audiences to discover the greatness in themselves and invites adults to rediscover the small things in themselves.

Productions by Kwatta are often a combination of text and other forms of theatre such as music, song, puppetry and film. Kwatta performs in theatres, in schools, on location and in their own trailer.

In 2014 Kwatta won the IPAY Peoples’ Choice Victor Award with their performance of Manxmouse. They were the Victor Award First Runner Up in 2015 with their performance of Love That Dog.

Nijmegen, The Netherlands