Night Train 57

NIGHT TRAIN 57: A Sensory-Friendly Folk Opera

A world premiere Kennedy Center and VSA co-commission
Featuring Dan Zanes, Claudia Eliaza, and Yuriana Sobrino

All aboard the Night Train! Enter the freewheeling musical world of Grammy® winner Dan Zanes, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Claudia Eliaza, and percussionist Yuriana Sobrino for an interactive folk opera that takes audiences on a far-out ride to the galaxies and back. During a joyous dusk-to-dawn trip through the stars, passengers on Night Train 57 will discover the power of friendship and community with the sounds of 21st-century handmade sing-along music. This adventure welcomes travelers of all ages and sensory levels.

Festive original folk songs played on guitar, trombone, mandolin, flute, harmonica, ukulele, percussion—and, of course, voices!—power the train, as homespun sets and video projection create an unforgettable intergalactic atmosphere. Visit psychedelic stars, navigate the challenges of whimsical space travel, and celebrate communal music-making while singing, laughing, and dancing towards a deeper sense of life’s best possibilities. NPR raves: Dan Zanes is “the gold standard in kids’ music.” Board the Night Train and find out why!

Best for Grades Pre-K and up and Family Programming 
60 Minutes – No Intermission
Sensory Friendly or Relaxed performances available

Photo Credit: Teresa Wood


  • Earth and Space Science
  • Rhyming 
  • Music
  • Theatre 


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DC Theatre SceneBroadway World

“Night Train 57 is good, pure fun and truly a sensory experience.”

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“With such catchy and infectious tunes as “A Seat for One and All” and “Bright Morning Song,” you can’t help but get out of your seat to sing and dance.”

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