No Man is an Island

No Man is an Island

This dance duet pushes the limits of physical possibility.  It explores balance as one body climbs and shifts atop another without ever touching the ground.  No Man is an Island brings connection, cooperation, communication and creativity together.

Created by Erik Kaiel

Best for Grades 2 and up and Family Programming
15 Minutes- can be paired with Tetris or My True North

Photo credit: Robert Benschop


  • Dance
  • Movement, Forms, and Patterns
  • Creative Collaboration
  • Movement Concepts and Principles 
  • Inert, Passive and Weight Sharing Partnering
  • Non-verbal Communication 



DC Theatre SceneThe ScotsmanThe Herald Scotland
“I yelled “bravo” during a round of applause yesterday. I’ve never done that before. And it wasn’t even at the end of a show. It was during the act break. Of a children’s dance piece. Color me delightfully surprised.” Click here for DC Theatre Scene 

“The fascinated stares and open mouths in the audience said it all.”

Scotsman 050813 Duets Review

“Exhilarating stuff“

Herald Scotland 051013 Review