Tetris (2011)

Inspired by the game Tetris this extremely physical dance quartet explores how we connect with one another, building a private language to communicate, and then invites others to enter into the dancers world.  It is for the kids who can’t sit still, for the ones who like to climb the walls, and those who can imagine further than they can see. Arch8 received the People’s Choice Victor Award at IPAY Montreal in 2016 for their production of Tetris.

Created by Erik Kaiel

Best for Grades 2-5 and Family Programming
50 Minutes – No Intermission
Sensory Friendly or Relaxed Performances available

Photo Credit:Savitri Bastiani


  • Dance
  • Movement, Forms, and Patterns
  • Movement Concepts and Principles
  • Interdisciplinary Connections
  • Creative Collaboration 
  • Non-verbal Communication
  • Interdependence
  • Social Architecture
  • Social Emotional Learning 


 Study Guide

Simple Light Plan

 Light Plan

Full video is available upon request. 


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“I yelled “bravo” during a round of applause yesterday. I’ve never done that before. And it wasn’t even at the end of a show. It was during the act break. Of a children’s dance piece. Color me delightfully surprised.”” Click here for DC Theatre Scene 

“It’s a feel-good fully inclusive ending to a work of inventive artistry, looking at how to fit together or strike out alone, using courage, creativity and acceptance to do so.”

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“It’s inventive. It’s engaging. It’s impressive.”

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