The Magnificent Circus Mystery

The Magnificent Circus Mystery

For booking in the 2020-2021 Season, please contact Riley Roam at  or 518-REAL-FUN (732-5386)

A steamer trunk, a mysterious book, and a hat belonging to Harry Houdini begin a show filled with magic, juggling, unicycling, and physical comedy. The audience must solve clues, overcome obstacles, and figure out a 90 year-old-secret as they help to create the story from beginning to end. Based on a real character, the kids are empowered to write about people and events in their own lives, while discovering how authors develop story ideas.

Note: There is also a non-multimedia version that works well for outdoor venues and shallow stages.

Note: This show incorporates a LOW fog dry ice machine, as well as magic tricks that use minimal, contained fire. A version without fire and fog can be performed if necessary.

Created by Page Turner Adventures of Lake Worth, FL

Best for Grades 3 – 5 and Family Programming
60 Minutes – No Intermission


  • Elements of A Story- Story Structure, Beginning/ Middle/ End, Character, Setting, Conflict
  • Predicting and Inference
  • Reading
  • Narrative Writing 
  • Storytelling
  • Fiction/Non-fiction
  • History
  • Vocabulary
  • Theatre Arts 


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Brian Ridolfo

–Kravis Center, West Palm Beach, FL

“Nothing Short of Spectacular”

Robert Downs

-Grand Theater, Kingston, ON

“Absolutely wonderful! The kids loved it. You could just feel the energy in the room – Amazing!”

Cate Bechtold

– Wolf Trap Children’s Theater-in-the-Woods, Vienna, VA

“Outstanding performance!”

Kate McCarthy Draizin

-The Art and Culture Center of Hollywood

“The audience participation was amazing! Lots and lots of fun.”

Dolly Workman

– Delray Beach Playhouse, Delray Beach, FL

“You two are fantastic. You compliment each other perfectly.”

Penny Lewis

-Carrollton Cultural Arts Center, Carrollton, GA

“The show is incredibly engaging. Can’t wait to get you back!”

Erin Kent

-Dir. Of Curriculum, Concordia International School, Shanghai, China

“This was our most engaging book week that we have ever had. Kids were off-the-charts excited!”