Virtual Residency: Dan + Claudia Zanes

Songs of Streets and Sunshine – Brooklyn (7 video series – 44 minutes)

Suggested for Grades PreK-4 – Accessible for people of varying abilities

In their Social Music programs, Dan + Claudia Zanes introduce young people to songs and the stories behind them while providing creative ideas to help everyone find their way inside the music. The units are uplifting and interactive and part concert, part history lesson, part music class, part campfire sing-along dance party. Dan + Claudia draw from their wide range of musical and cultural knowledge to offer young people of various ability levels a chance to experience music in a way that feels exciting, healing, relevant . . . and totally enjoyable!

Learning Connections 
– Music (Melody, Rhythm, Harmony, Singing, Songwriting, Families of Instruments, Performance, Community music making)
– English Language Arts
 (Speaking and Listening, Writing, Poetry, Haitian Kreyol language)
– Social Studies
 (Geography & Cultural Diversity – Brooklyn NY, Coney Island, and Haiti) 
– Social Emotional Learning (Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Relationship Skills, Social-Awareness)
– 21st Century Skills (Critical Thinking; Creativity; Collaboration; Communication)