Virtual Residency: Kattam and his Tam-Tams

Rhythms of West Africa (4 video series – 48 minutes)

Suggested for Grades 1-5

Join percussionist Kattam Laraki-Côté on a West African adventure! Discover the culture of West Africa through drumming, singing, and dancing. Experience the language and rhythms of the Krin, Djembe, Gongoma, Kashaka, N’goni and Doum doums and learn how these instruments shaped and express regional culture. Explore the relationship between drums and dance in West African music. Are your students ready for the challenges Kattam will share?

Learning Connections 
– English Language Arts (Speaking and Listening, Call and Response)
– Dance
 (Learn and perform choreography and describe movement qualities.  Watch a dance from a different culture.  Demonstrate a range of non-locomotor movements, body patterning, body shapes, and directionality)
– Music 
(Percussion skills, Rhythmic patterns, Playing in two groups to layer rhythms, Playing in unison)
– Social Emotional Learning
(Cooperation, Self-control, Respect)
– Social Studies
 (West African Culture: customs of Guinea, West African Music: societal function, Ancient West African Language) 
– Geography (Guinea, sixteen West African nations)
– 21st Century Skills
 (Creative problem solving, Collaboration, Critical thinking, and Communication)