Virtual Residency: Paige Hernandez – Hip Hop Body Rock #1

Hip Hop Body Rock #1 (6 video series – 60 minutes)

Suggested for Grades K-5

Theatre and dance collide in bite size experiences crafted by world renown educator and performer Paige Hernandez. This Arts Engagement features several warmups and two, two-part basic hip hop routines! You’ll learn moves from Paige’s critically acclaimed show HAVANA HOP while grooving to the electrifying original music of Kris Funn’s The Cornerstore. Warning: after this virtual combo, your swagga may go into overdrive!

Learning Connections 
– Math (Counting, Sequencing, Pattern)
– English Language Arts / English Language Learners
 (Non-verbal Storytelling: Body Shapes, Gesture, Facial Expression)
– Social Emotional Learning
(Play and the Arts, Wholistic Brain Development, Self Esteem)
– Social Studies 
(Cultural Diversity – Hip Hop)
– Dance
 (Coordination, Balance, Spatial Awareness, Choreographic Structure) 
– Music (Rhythmic Patterns, Dynamics, Phrasing)