• Doktor Kaboom

    Doktor Kaboom

  • erik

    Arch 8 – Erik Kaiel

  • Paige

    Paige Hernandez

  • Theater Unspeakable

    Theater UnSpeakable

  • No Man

    Arch 8 – Erik Kaiel

  • Titus


  • Tubular Bells for Two

    Tubular Bells for Two

  • Theatre UnSpeakable- The American Revolution

    Theatre UnSpeakable- The American Revolution

  • Paige Hernandez- The Shape of a Girl

    Paige Hernandez- The Shape of a Girl

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Upcoming Events


4/14-15/15 Doktor Kaboom in Nashville, TN 

4/20-26/15 Arch8 in Washington DC 

4/25-26/15 Bill Blagg in Oshkosh, WI 

5/4-8/15 Arch8 in NY, NY 

5/4/15 Doktor Kaboom in Jacksonville, FL 

5/6/15 Doktor Kaboom in St Petersburg, FL 

5/7-20/15 Theater UnSpeakable in Chicago, IL 

5/7/15 Doktor Kaboom in Clearwater, FL 

5/9/15 Doktor Kaboom in Fort Lauderdale, FL

5/9/15 Bill Blagg in Kitchener, ON 

5/12/15 Doktor Kaboom in Belle Glade, FL 

5/14/15 Doktor Kaboom in Ridgefield, CT 

5/15-16/15 Doktor Kaboom in Utica, NY 

6/24/15 Doktor Kaboom in Lakeside, OH

7/8/15 Doktor Kaboom in East Hampton, NY 

7/10-19/15 Doktor Kaboom in Ireland 

7/13-17/15 Arch8 in New York, NY 

7/26/15 Doktor Kaboom in Williams Bay, WI 

8/9/15 Doktor Kaboom in Aspen, CO 

8/11/15 Doktor Kaboom in Irving, TX 

8/17-30/15 Arch8 in Lincoln, NE


WAA: 8/31-9/3/15

Arts Midwest 9/9-12/15

PAE: 9/28-10/1/15