Touring 23/24 & 24/25
Best for Grades K – 5 and Family Programming

Created by Paige Hernandez from Baltimore, MD and Baye Harrell, Washington, DC

What’s it take to be ALL THE WAY LIVE? World-renowned hip-hop artists Baye Harrell and Paige Hernandez have created an interactive boom box that’s powered by you!  Using the engineering design process, the audience will journey through the different stations of this boom box’s radio. The boom box will give you all you need to know about hip hop, working together and how to be your best self. “Creativity”, “Respect”, “Understanding” and “Cooperation” are just a few stations that are explored.

In this interactive show, co-commissioned by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, with original music by Nicktha1da, the audience is empowered through rhyme, dance, beat box and more as they journey through self-discovery.  All The Way Live! helps children tune into the frequency of positive thoughts and feelings. This highly-interactive experience gives young people tools to “broadcast” their best selves and the power to control what they “receive” and “transmit.”

When you learn, you always thrive. We can turn it up… ALL THE WAY LIVE!