Live or Pre-recorded Streamed Concerts: Dan + Claudia Zanes

Live or Pre-Recorded Streamed Concerts

Grammy award winning children’s performer Dan Zanes and Haitian-American music therapist / jazz vocalist Claudia Zanes have been making music with each other since the day they met in the fall of 2016.  In this LIVE or PRE-RECORDED streamed concert Dan and Claudia perform Dan’s greatest hits as well as folk and blues classics from their popular new songbook entitled Dan Zanes’ House Party!: A Family Roots Music Treasury.

During these interactive shows, the audience is invited to dance and sing along in what might be called a casual – and subversively educational – party atmosphere. The music is homespun, joyful, sophisticated, and artful. These performances appeal to audiences of all ages and the duo is well loved in school settings.

Dan Zanes – vocals, guitar, mandolin, harmonica, percussion
Claudia Eliaza – vocals, flute, trombone, percussion, guitar

Performances usually include many of the following songs:

Suggested for Everyone
45 Minutes
Performances suitable for audiences of mixed abilities

Photo credit: Anna Zanes


  • Music
  • Rhyming
  • Social Emotional Learning