Paige Hernandez

Paige is a multifaceted artist, who is known for her innovative fusion of poetry, hip hop, dance and education.

As a master teaching artist, Paige has taught throughout the country, to all ages, in all disciplines. To date, she has reached approx. 10,000 students, from Pre-K through college, in over 100 residencies, workshops and performances. She has been recognized in many organizations including the Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning through the Arts and Arena Stage where she was awarded the Thomas Fichandler award for exceptional promise in theater education. The Huffington Post also named Paige a “classroom hero” because of her outstanding arts integration and work with STEM initiatives.

Paige is a proud member of Actors Equity Association and has performed on many stages throughout the country including DC: Arena Stage, Folger Theatre, The Kennedy Center , Fulton Theatre (PA), Ohio Theatre (NY), Manship Theatre(LA), Paramount Theatre (TX), Cleveland Playhouse (OH) and many others. She has collaborated with The Lincoln Center (NY) and was commissioned by the National New Play Network in 2012.

As a critically acclaimed dancer, Paige’s choreography has been seen all over the world most notably in Imagination Stage’s Zomo The Rabbit (Helen Hayes Nomination), P.Nokio: A Hip hop Musical, Cinderella the Remix and The Kennedy Center’s American Scrapbook, Knuffle Bunny (premiere, national and international tours) and Jason the Invincible.

As a hip-hop education advocate, Paige has shaped various educational workshops, including Props for Hip Hop at Arena Stage and Keep it Moving, at Wolf Trap. Both workshops help teachers to understand the fundamentals of hip-hop while incorporating the culture into their curriculum.

With her company B-FLY ENTERTAINMENT, Paige has written and performed several original works including Liner Notes, The Nayika Project, 7th Street Echo and All the Way Live! To date, she tours her children’s show Havana Hop and her solo show, Paige in Full: A B-girl’s Visual Mixtape throughout the country.

Paige in Full:  Best for Grades 5 – college (residency available

Havana Hop: Best for Grades pre K-3


All The Way Live!

  • A hip hop interactive for ages 5-12!
  • Run time: 60 minutes, no intermission
  • Seating capacity: 250-1000
  • Venue: medium to large proscenium


In this interactive show, everything is “all the way live” and history is revived through hip hop lenses. World renowed hip hop artists Baye Harrell and Paige Hernandez collaborate on the spot to “remix” everything from the alphabet to folktales.  The remix unfolds with dance, rhyme, music…and you! That’s right, we can’t do anything “live” without your skillz.

So open your ears and watch with your eyes. We can turn it up… ALL THE WAY LIVE! 

Notes from Writer and Performer Baye Harrell

Creativity. Respect. Understanding. Cooperation. Effort. Self-care. These are positive qualities that could help children to grow into productive members of our society. All the Way Live! (AWL) seeks to teach these qualities in a relatable and catchy way, much like a song on the radio. Using rhythm and rhyme, this show aims to tune children to the frequency of positive thoughts and feelings. Its opportunity for audience participation gives young people a chance to broadcast their best selves to the world.

While All the Way Live! showcases the four artistic elements of Hip Hop culture (emceeing, djing, breaking, and graffiti art), Paige and I sought to shed light on the fifth element – “knowledge of self”. “Knowledge of Self” is shown in our story when it’s revealed that by thinking about our feelings and behaviors we are in control of our influence on the world. Knowledge of self gives all people, regardless of age, the ability of a radio — the power to control what we receive and what we transmit.

It is my hope that young people can truly enjoy a safe and interactive performance while learning to be self-reflective and positive. As artists, the cast and crew of All the Way Live!  had the freedom to explore our individuality through creativity and self-expression. We hope this experience is a living example of what a safe and collaborative space can produce. Thanks for tuning in.

Baye StraightForward Harrell
Co-playwright of All the Way Live!

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Havana Hop

  • Age range: 2 to 10
  • Run time: 60 minutes, no intermission
  • Seating capacity: 250-1000
  • Venue: medium to large proscenium

HAVANA HOP: a children’s tale of culture and originality!

Written, choreographed and performed by Paige Hernandez

Developed by the Wolftrap Institute for Early learning through the Arts

With Original music by Nick tha 1da

What if you were invited to dance for the President? You’d want it to be the best dance ever! Come meet young Yelia who visits her grandmother in Cuba to add a salsa flavor to her own hip-hop style! The audience gets to dance along in this dynamic participation play where one actress creates three generations of lively women. Journey with Yelia as she discovers the fun of her multi-cultural heritage.


Sensory friendly performances available.

Initially developed in 2008 after President Obama was inaugurated for his first term in association with the Wolftrap Institute for Early Learning through the Arts and further developed by PlayhouseSquare in Cleveland, OH in 2015.  What if you were invited to dance for the President? You’d want it to be the best dance ever! Come meet young Yelia who visits her grandmother in Cuba to add a salsa flavor to her own hip-hop style! The audience gets to dance along in this dynamic participation play where one actress creates three generations of lively women. Journey with Yelia as she discovers the fun of her multi-cultural heritage.

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Paige in Full

  • Run time: 60 minutes, no intermission
  • Seating capacity:250-1000
  • Venue: medium to large proscenium


Written, choreographed and performed by Paige Hernandez

With original music by Nick tha 1da

Directed by Danielle Drakes

A visual mix tape (a blending of  poetry, dance, media and music) that tells the tale of a multicultural girl’s journey through hip-hop to self-discovery. Best for 5th grade and up.


Booking information, reviews and more at the PAIGE IN FULL WEBSITE or get a sneak peek through the PAIGE IN FULL PRESS KIT.

Sister and brother share a tiny stage in the hour-long production, Hernandez‘s chronicle of growing up with a mixedrace identity. As she chats to the audience and executes urban-cool hoofin‘ routines, and he generates beats andsampling at a table behind her, their mutual respect reverberates in sync with their enthusiasm for hip-hop. Such pointed moments will prompt theatergoers to ruminate a little about identity politics and the molding of the self in a multicultural world. Chiefly, though, Paige in Full‖ will leave audiences hoping more work by Hernandez  and Nick tha 1da, too — comes along soon.

– Celia Wren, The Washington Post

The multi-layered story sparkles with contemporary urban flair, tantalizing terms and expressions, and move yo body rhythms in this beat-filled portrait of an artist as a young girl. Totally at ease and in command of her material, Hernandez shows how hip-hop and dance shaped her earliest memories and became the bedrock of her existence. It‘s stunning… In another innovative segment, she depicts ―B‘More‘s‖ neighborhoods in ―haiku‖, reflecting diverse sights and sounds in just a few well placed words, inflections, even mimicry. She just nails it. Throughout, Hernandez is mesmerizing and leaves you wanting more.”

– Debbie Minter Jackson, DC Theatre Scene

The verdict: Paige Hernandez represents the truest voice of what hip-hop theatre can be for our generation: nonlinear, dynamic, personal, intense, community-oriented in content and tone, and fondly nostalgic. The distinct moments of Paige‘s life in this 60-minute act allowed us a window into all of our own lives, love, loss, triumphs and missteps, all with a hip-hop lens through which to examine them. There is no doubt in my mind now that #hiphoptheatreisreal and that #visualmixtapesdoexist.‖

– Simone Jacobson, Couch Sessions

Paige‘s is pure hip hop. She breathes it. It‘s a part of her DNA. She can connect the songs and the culture to her entire being. More importantly, she can explain it to the rest of us. She is beautifully articulate in her storytelling… she is enticing in her mastery of her body and movement. This performance is a delight.

– Genevieve Williams, Discovery Theatre

Growing up multi-cultural AND multi-talented! – Lancaster New-Era

Hernandez is a prominent face of hip-hop culture‘s innovation- Christie Matherne, DiG -Baton Rouge

Irresistible and Infectious! – Winston-Salem Chronicle

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The Nayika Project

  • Run time: 60 minutes, no intermission
  • Seating capacity: 250-1000
  • Venue: medium to large proscenium


Paige collaborates with Kuchipudi dancer Chitra Kalyandurg fusing dance, theatre and spoken word to give contemporary spin to tales of resilient, relatable heroines from Indian myth. While Nina recovers from a tough breakup, she encounters a mystical woman, Sakhi, who promises to enlighten Nina by sharing the eight stages of a woman in a relationship. Journey with Nina and Sakhi as they remix the classic Ashta Nayikas using classical Kuchipudi Indian dance, hip hop movement and spoken word. The Nayika Project features original music by Anjna Swaminathan, Rajna Swaminathan and Roopa Mahadevan.

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Workshops created and facilitated by Paige Hernandez

All of the listed workshops can either be professional development for educators OR an

in-school experience with students.

Preferred amount of participants for all workshops are 30 persons or less. This is negotiable.

Don’t Sweat the Technique:
Hip-hop Strategies and Activities for the Classroom and Stage

Participants will explore innovative hip hop teaching methods, activities and exercises to supplement curriculum and/or to use in performance pieces. The workshop will show how each hip hop element (Emcee, DJ, Graffiti and B-boy) can easily be transformed into arts integrated exercises or performance pieces. Packet optional. All grades.

Hip Hop Body Rock
Calling all fly girls and b-boys! Learn about significant hip hop choreographers, different styles of hip hop dance and regional/cultural influences. Then it‘s time to stretch and flex before you learn a brand new hip hop routine.  All grades.

Community Collabo
As ensemble, participants will write, devise and perform their own ten-minute theatrical piece. Paige will lead the group through transitions, tableaux and basic play building. In the end, resources will be plentiful for the group to continue to create meaningful pieces in their communities. Grades 6-12.

Rap, Clap, Write That!
A pen and a paper is all you need to be a playwright! Effortlessly create characters, plots and setting using hip hop inspiration. Participants will be inspired to create poems, monologues and basic dialogue. If there‘s time at the end, we‘ll share the genius. Grades 6-12.

Spectacular Vernacular

Discover infectious ways to enhance your students’ vocabulary! Participants will get hands-on ​experience using arts strategies that include hip-hop, sign language and theater games. Teaching a rich vocabulary doesn’t have to be daunting task when you rediscover age-appropriate grammar skills and give them an interesting twist. Children and teachers will feel more confident in achieving a personal vocabulary that is rich, expansive and engaging! Packet Optional. Grades K-5.

Keep It Moving with Classroom Management!

Explore creative ways to facilitate transitions, establish routines and refine daily practices using arts strategies that include dance, poetry, hip hop and sign language! Keep your class orderly and establish an exciting classroom learning environment. Participate in and analyze a lesson with step-by-step examination of structure, transitions and easy solutions for common class challenges. Participants will create and enhance strategies with their own personal flair, culture and expertise! Keep your class under control and keep it moving! Packet optional. Grades K-5.

Dream with Steam!
Explore the strong connections between theatre and math, movement and science. Actively participate in STEAM lessons that have been used in dozens of classrooms, across the globe. These experiences can empower children to learn and understand the scientific method, engineering process, math basics and more importantly, these experiences can inspire you to create your own. Dream with steam! Packet optional. Grades K-5.

HAVANA HOP: Assembly Version

This paired down version of Paige’s solo show Havana Hop is perfect for in school assemblies or classroom interactions. Paige will guide participants through several movement experiences that culminate with a partner dance that includes both hip-hop and salsa. The entire arts integrated experience explores such curriculum standards such as shapes, sequencing, counting, Spanish, sign language and cultural traditions. Students can participate in an open space (gym or cafeteria) or an in a more confined space such as an auditorium. This workshop requires a PA system (speakers and lapel mic) and has no limit to the amount of participants. Grades K-5

CREATE Your Own!
I can create a workshop that meets your participants’ needs. Combine elements from the workshops above or pow-wow with me to create something unique, inspiring and educational. I also have ample experience with early childhood education, STEM areas, film acting, world dance and audition techniques. All grades.

Workshop needs:

  • An electrical outlet
  • An open space that can accommodate the entire group in a standing circle as well as tables and chairs in close proximity.
  • Wall space to hang sticky chart paper
  • For writing workshops: pen and paper for each participant
  • PA system (speakers and lapel mic) for outdoor or large spaces with many participants.

Review of All the Way Live! from Broadway World

Oct 2016





“Paige Hernandez is the complete performer package personified. She has a lot of energy, and possesses a million dollar smile. She is a multi-talented writer and performer, and has built B-Fly Entertainment into a worldclass performing arts entity. I think that covers everything, don’t you? Her raping and rhyming skills match Harrell’s making them a winning team.”

Click here: Broadway World

Review of Paige Hernandez from HuffPost Education

March 2011

“Her balanced disposition proves successful in teaching (or performing) a lesson plan to an effervescent or unpredictable classroom of students.

Click here: HuffPost

Testimonial of Paige Hernandez from Portland Ovations

May 2012

“Her work was extraordinary – her show is smart, engaging, challenging, and relevant. The students laughed hard, got up and danced, went silent when the story turned serious, and stood cheering at the end. ”

Click here: Paige Testimonial