Bill Blagg


The Magic of Bill Blagg Live!

Ages 7-107

The Science of Magic

Grades 1-5

Magic in Motion

Grades 3-7

Bill Blagg’s Magic Science Lab

Grades 2-5

To say that Bill Blagg has had a magical life would be no exaggeration.  He received his first professional magic book from his great-grandfather, which eventually led to building magic props with his dad.  These early beginnings paved the way for what is now known as The Magic of Bill Blagg Live!

Today, Bill is one of the nation’s top touring illusionists. His theatrical brand of magic thrills thousands of people every single year.  Bill’s live performances leave people in complete disbelief as he creates the impossible in a way only he can do.

Bill is known for instantly teleporting across theaters, squishing his body from 6 feet to 6 inches tall, bringing ordinary objects to life and much more!

Bill is constantly reinventing his performances with new magic & illusions to continue to thrill both new and repeat audiences.  In addition to his full-scale show Bill created an unbelievable educational experience The Science of Magic.  Bill takes students on a rare behind-the-scenes journey to learn how magicians use the scientific method to create magic!  Following the success of The Science of Magic for the 2019/20 season Bill created Magic in Motion which explores physics and Newton’s Laws of Motion.

With an attitude aimed to please and a talent as large as they come, Bill’s future in magic is limitless as he continues to change reality one city at a time! He looks forward to sharing his blend of magic, personality and performance with you!