Dan + Claudia Zanes


Dan + Claudia Zanes with Tyree Austin

Ages 0-110 - suitable for audiences of mixed abilities
In-Person Live Stream Pre-Recorded

Dan + Claudia Zanes: Songs of Streets and Sunshine

Grades Pre-K-4 – suitable for audiences of mixed abilities

Grammy award winning children’s performer Dan Zanes and Haitian- American music therapist / jazz vocalist Claudia Zanes have been making music with each other since the day they met in the fall of 2016.

In late 2019 the couple – now married! – moved from Brooklyn to Baltimore and what had been a full schedule of theater, school, and festival performances evaporated with the advent of the coronavirus. When a national state of emergency was declared in March, Dan and Claudia started their Social Isolation Song Series. For the next 200 days, in an effort to stay connected and uplift others, they performed a different song every day. This series of videos currently resides in the Library of Congress.

The two continue to adapt and reinvent and sing their way to new beginnings. They are available for live in-person concerts, or on Zoom as well as pre-recorded concerts for your audiences.  They have also created a pre-recorded seven video series Songs of Streets and Sunshine in which you can sing and play along with Dan + Claudia.