21 Video Series (2 hrs 2 mins)
Suggested for Grades Pre-K-3 and Family Programming

Created by Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia

“The connection to exploring emotions with Pip is just incredibly valuable for emotional literacy and also to reinforce that we are not what we are feeling. Emotions can come and go and Jim demonstrating how he has Pip show emotion is a brilliant way to reinforce that concept. These episodes are just so dear. They really captured my heart!”

~ K. Meagan Ledendecker, Director of Education, The Montessori School of the Berkshires

Puppets in Paper is an innovative performance-based emotional learning series taking you and “Pip,” a paper bag puppet, through colourful worlds and emotional experiences.

This production is a series of 21 bite-sized videos that you can play at your own pace. Half of the videos show the puppet Pip as they explore their emotions, and the other half invites children to play along with their very own Pip.

Pip was created to be gender-neutral and all performances are non-verbal, supported by soft colouring for children on the spectrum. Suitable for children 4+.

production credits

Guided Instructor & Puppeteer – Jim Morrow
Creative Producer – Danny Everson
Production & Design Associate / Director of Education & Outreach – Struan Robertson
Production Assistant – Alex Cubbon & Lisa Bedard