The Science of Santa

The Science of Santa

The Science of Santa

The Doktor Kaboom Holiday Extravaganza! Are science and magic the same thing? Is Mr. Claus the world’s greatest scientist? Join Doktor Kaboom as he attempts to recreate all of Santa’s wonders using basic physics.  No holiday icons are damaged in this show!

Created by David Epley from Seattle, WA

Best for Grades 2-5 and Family Programming 
60 Minutes – No Intermission


  • Science: Embedded Inquiry, Embedded Technology and Engineering
  • Earth and Space Science: The Universe, The Atmosphere
  • Physical Science: Matter, Energy, Motion
  • Theatre: Character Acting, Comedy 
  • Health: Preventing Injuries
  • Social Emotional Learning: Self-Awareness (Self-Confidence), Social Awareness (Respect for Others), Self-Management (Perseverance, Positive Attitude), Responsible Decision Making


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