Doktor Kaboom!

Doktor Kaboom! performs original interactive Science Comedy shows for audiences of all ages. Creatively blending theatre arts with the wonders of scientific exploration, Doktor Kaboom! keeps his crowds riveted with interest and rolling with laughter. Join Kaboom! for a sidesplitting journey of increasingly spectacular (and often successful) science experiments designed to involve, excite, educate, and entertain.

Best for Grades 4-8 and family

David Epley is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina, and has been fortunate enough to discover two passions in his life.

Science, his first, took him to studies at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. His second, performing, became his career, and for 20 years David has made his living writing, performing, and directing original interactive theatre across the US and Canada.

David is thrilled to be able to bring his passions together and honored to share them with you.  He considers himself quite fortunate to have found his calling in life, and blessed to be allowed to make a living doing what he loves.

David lives in Seattle, Washington, and is the proud papa of his seven-year-old daughter, Jindalee.  He thanks his mother, Barbara, his father, Paul, and Annie, the love of his life, for their unyielding faith and loving support.

Look Out! Science is Coming

The original Doktor Kaboom! show in which the good Doktor takes his audience on an educational tour of the modern scientific method, using humor and comedy while demonstrating spectacular applications of the physical sciences.  Aimed at grades 4-8.

Topics covered include: safety; pressure and force; simple machines; velocity; application of science to everyday life; the scientific method (hypothesis and experimentation); multiple experimentation; constant discovery of new information and data; definitions: chemical reactions, exothermic, external and chemical formula; mass; air pressure and demonstration vs. experimentation.

It’s Just Rocket Science

Combines the high energy interactive comedy your audiences have come to love, and another explosive lineup of science routines tying directly to core curriculum content standards!  It’s Just Rocket Science focuses on the scientific hurdles of space travel, and is aimed primarily at grades 5-8.

Topics covered include: safety; math patterns; trajectory; force; centripetal and centrifugal force; gravity and artificial gravity; momentum and inertia; action/reaction; Newton’s Third Law.

LIVE WIRE! The Electricity Tour

This play was co commissioned by Doktor Kaboom, LLC and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and was first presented at the Kennedy Center with the world premiere during the 2014-2015 season.

Doktor Kaboom will explore the fundamentals of electrical energy and the history of humanity’s adventures into its potential.  At the dawn of the 19th century mankind first harnessed the power of electricity, the world changed and the journey still continues.

Topics covered include: safety; Tesla; Edison; Faraday; lightning bolts, current; voltage; conductive and non-conductive media; electrical arcs; light emission; sparks; resistance; magnetic fields, electric generators: mechanical energy to electrical energy; electromagnetic coils and conductors. Aimed at grades 3-8.

The Science of Santa

The Doktor Kaboom Holiday Extravaganza! Are science and magic the same thing? is Mr. Claus the world’s greatest scientist? Join Doktor Kaboom as he attempts to recreate all of Santa’s wonders using basic physics.  No holiday icons are damaged in this show! Aimed at Grades 2 through 5.

Review of Live Wire! The Electricity Tour from

October 2014

“This show is what you want live children’s theatre to be.”

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Review of Live Wire! The Electricity Tour from

October 2014

“…imparts knowledge on kids and adults alike better than any Bill Nye.”

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Review of Live Wire! The Electricity Tour from

October 2014

“…amazing and very funny…”

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Review of Look Out! Science is Coming from

March 2011

“…a complete delight, enthralling the youngsters in the crowd with his demonstrations, while keeping the adults amused with his hilarious running commentary.”

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Review of Doktor Kaboom! from

April 2012

“Unlike some science shows, which can be yawn-inducing for the parents, Kaboom kept everyone in Bass Hall engaged during the quick-paced 1 hour and 20 minute show.”

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Review of Doktor Kaboom! from

April 2010

“Doktor Kaboom is one of the most innovative science presentations that I’ve ever seen.”

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